New Home Builders

Your website up on the Touch Screen can be your “silent salesperson” while your sales staff are busy with other homebuyers. You can quickly change your model line or price lists instead of printing costly flyers. An interactive site map allows your homebuyers to see how many lots you have reserved or sold and also see which model fits on which lot. A mortgage calculator also give your homebuyers an instant calculation of what they can afford.

Multi-family • Low rise • Mid rise • High rise • Resort • Retirement


The applications for retail are endless, improve customer service and increase sales. Allowing customers to access your ecommerce web site to view and/or order products. The Touch Screen can be used for enabling retailers to display rich product information and brand content on an interactive touchscreen enhancing the shopper’s experience.

• In-store promotions
• Product look-up
• Way finding
• Current flyer display
• Loyalty programs
• On-line job applications
• Coupon printing

Medical and Hospital Industry

With the high price of healthcare, anywhere cost cutting can be done is a benefit, some applications for the Touch Screens are:

  • Wayfinding, freeing up hospital staff
    Patient or visitor registration
  • Eliminate administrative errors by providing drop down menus with pre-determined choices
  • Provide information for patients and visitors on health care, nutrition, drug interactions and prevention programs
  • Streamline various administrative functions
  • Registration for various healthcare clinics or seminars for staff and or patients


Touch Screens in Universities and colleges can be very useful in various educational facilities and campuses:

  • Wayfinding for students, teachers and faculty
  • Registration for courses, seminars and events
  • Informational screens on programs, campus life, FAQ’s
  • Listings for part time jobs, residence rental and buy and sell

Hospitality and Tourism

Touch Screens are so useful in restaurants and hotels as a method to cut down on staff and to increase your clients satisfaction, some of the uses for the hospitality industry are:

  • Hotel guest self service check-in
  • Printing of tickets
  • Information on Show times and available shows/plays
  • Menu selections and ordering
  • Promotional information and daily specials
  • Boarding pass printing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Area amenity information
  • Business internet access
  • Wayfinding / facility access


Using the Touch Screen technology builds citizen satisfaction by bringing information into a forum that they can understand, when and where they are. By using a Touch Screen as a registration application or as an operational tool, you can cut down on long lines and wait times. The ease of use and simplification of directions helps to eliminate confusion, especially when a variety of languages is required and miscommunication can happen. Payment can be made on-line, people can access various government departments, registration for various government programs can be done, all of which cuts down on personnel, wait times and increase government workflow.


You can cut back on staff time and line ups by providing a stand alone Touch Screen to provide simple financial information at your bank customers finger tips. Customers can access stock information, bank services, mortgage rates, promotional rates as well as other financial information. With the use of on-line banking steadily on the rise as well as self-service kiosks, customers are used to accessing information this way.
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